Class schedule

Inspiring Through the Love of Dance 

2022-2023 Class SCHEDULE 

My Grown Up & Me – 2yr (12 week sessions-$65)

Saturday @ 9:00-9:45a Ms. Ivey


Pre-Tap/Ballet -3-5yrs ($65.00)

Monday @ 4:45-5:35p Ms. Maigan

Tuesday @ 4:30-5:20p Ms. Taia

Wednesday @ 9:00-9:50 Ms. Ivey

Wednesday @ 5:40-6:30p Ms. Maigan

Thursday @ 6:00-6:50p Ms. Taia

Saturday @ 9:55—10:45a Ms. Ivey

Saturday @ 10:30-11:20a Ms. Taia


Hip Hop – 5yrs & up ($68.00)

Wednesday @ 6:00-7:00p (5-8yrs)

Wednesday @ 7:10-8:10p (9yrs & up)


Acro I– 5yrs & up ($73.00)

Tuesday @ 5:30-6:30p Acro I Ms. Taia

Tuesday @ 6:35-7:35p Acro II Ms. Taia

Saturday @ 9:15-10:15a Acro I Ms. Taia


Lyrical – 7yrs & up (2yrs Ballet required) ($68.00)

Monday @ 7:00-8p Lyrical I (Beginner) Ms. Taia

Thursday @ 7:30-8:30p Lyrical II  Ms. Taia


Advanced Tap ($68.00)

Tuesday @ 7:50-8:40p Ms. Ivey


Pre-Teen/Teen Ballet/Jazz 11yrs and up ($68.00)

Tuesday@ 7:45-8:45p Ballet/Jazz (Beginner to Intermediate) Ms. Taia

Elementary Level 1 – Kindergarten & up ($68.00)

Monday @ 5:45-6:45p Ballet/Jazz Ms. Maigan

Tuesday @4:45-5:45 Tap/Ballet Ms. Maigan 

Tuesday @ 6:45-7:45p Ballet/Jazz Ms. Ivey

Wednesday @ 6:40-7:40p Tap/Ballet Ms. Maigan

Thursday @ 4:45-5:45p Ballet/Jazz Ms. Taia

Thursday@ 6:30-7:30p Tap/Ballet/Jazz (Preparatory class ages 6-8) Ms. Annette

Friday @ 11:00-12:00 Ballet/Jazz (ages 6-10) Ms. Taia

Saturday @ 10:50-11:50a Ballet/Jazz Ms. Ivey


Elementary Level 2 – 6yrs & up ($68.00)

Monday @ 6:45-7:45p Ballet/Jazz Ms. Ivey


Praise Him with Dance-7yrs & up (NO CHARGE)

3rd Friday of each month beginning 9/16 6:15-7:30 (dancing, devotion and prayer)


Adult Jazz-18yrs+ Beginner-Intermediate ($68.00)

Thursday @ 7:45-8:45p Ms. Ivey


50 minute classes-$65 / 60 minute classes-$68

**Family Annual Registration-$35**

**10% off for siblings**

***Multiple Class Discounts: $10 off 2nd class, $15 off 3rd$20 off 4th, $25 off 5th***


Private Lessons

If your child is interested in booking a private lesson with one of our instructors, please fill out this submission form. Privates are $45 for a 45-minute session with an instructor of your choice. Scheduling is based on teacher and studio availability.