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Offered Classes

Pre-Tap Ballet


Me & My Grownup

A little girl wearing a sparkly blue dance costume, holding a large purple flower, while being held by her dad. Learn more about Me and My Grownup Dance classes at TLC Dance.

Musical Theatre

A girl in a red checkered dress doing a leap while holding a red umbrella. Learn more about Musical Theater classes at TLC Dance

Preschool & Child Care

A young girl in a pink and purple dance costume and white dance shoes holding up a wand. Learn more about preschool and child care classes at TLC dance.


Four girls sitting close and laughing. Learn more about TLC Dance Company.
Four girls smiling with arms up and wearing feather boas and bright clothes. Learn more about TLC Dance Company.

Praise Him with Dance

Two girls in dance costumes with their arms around each other. Learn more about Praise Him with Dance classes.

Want To Try A free Class?

5 ballerinas in toe shoes and dark blue leotards and skirts lined up at the ballet bar.

New Dance Apparel Website!

Get all of your child's dancewear on our new Nimbly website! You can browse through all of the required shoes, tights, and leotards that your dancer will need for the season plus some additional sparkle all with the click of a button. No need to rush to the store, just click below! Use the sizing charts to choose the correct size of shoes!!

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