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"Time to Dance"

About TLC Dance Studio

Our Philosophy

TLC Dance's mission is to give your child a positive and fun experience in dance.  Since 1988, we at TLC have cherished the opportunity to teach so many children to enjoy the art of dance.  Dance improves flexibility, coordination, balance, stamina and posture as well as building self esteem and discipline. 

At a young age, many children show an interest in exploring the world of dance by moving to music and engaging their creative minds.  TLC provides the perfect setting to mold and expand on their budding interests.  Beginning at an early age gives dancers the opportunity to learn the steps correctly from the start.  Not only do we focus on the fundamentals during our class time but we also make it fun.  We use a lot of props to entice and engage our dancers.  Props can help visual or tactile learners better grasp new concepts, and of course, wands, hats and feather boas are fun for everyone!  Therefore, we have a whole room at our studio dedicated to just props!

The instructors at TLC are unique in that not only have they had dance training most all of their lives and have a love of the art to share, but they also have the exciting ability to present the class in a way that a young child responds to. Every day we are actresses to fit the needs of each curriculum.  Where else could you be a tiger, a fairy princess, and a flamingo all in one day?  We love dance as an art form and we love sharing it with others.  It warms our hearts and it is our goal to see young children develop that same love for dance.

"I love TLC because I know how much they care for my precious child while they are lovingly instructing her! I would highly recommend these classes to anyone!"


—  Holly Prather

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